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Version 4.6

Below is a list of most of the new features in Version 4.6.

Note, not all of the new features apply to all programs while some apply to all (or most).

Many of the new features are supported by
Knowledge Base documents.

- Handling of formed composite and group pages directly within NeoPack
- Support for digital products in NeoPack
- Template report
- New Package Preview Template for IOS
- Updated PSPA export to current PSPi standard
- Quick percentage masking
- Invert mask
- B/W and sepia options for labeled images
- A 'Renamed Refresh' option refreshes filename extension along with image
- Added rotation to image correction dialog
- PDF printing
- Batch printing - break on change of ..
- Import CapturePost images into Images Mode
- Improved handling of transparency when exporting images
- export 'original image' and 'with mask/background' options in image export
- 'renamed image refresh' function
- offer and delivery code filters added to Fulfill
- Close and compact option for reducing the size of templates
- Composite and group page versions
- Image holes in composite templates
- Pose specification for composite subject block
- Additional alignment and placement options for composite page templates
- Guarding against 100% overlap in Virtual Groups
- OutPost ordered/not ordered filter
- OutPost filter toolbar and queues reinstated

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